Is It Safe?

Is It Safe?

Is it safe to deal with you? Are my items secure if I send them to you? This kind of questions are frequent and perfectly understandable as we all value our money and our property.

Well... here comes our answer, serious, sincere, honest and (may be) helpful:

iGotoffer has been on the market since 2010, and we are growing from month to month. During these years we have bought thousands of electronic items from people around the world.

We are accredited at Better Business Bureau (see information about us at their official Website: BBB about iGotOffer.

And here you can see our ratings on, one of the best sources which reviews lots of stores and services. Actually is it impossible to trick ResellerRatings into a false review or to buy their independ opinion. We don't know what rating is on when you drop by that prestigious website. But last time we saw, we had accumulated much better score than any of our competitors, and we are proud of that! : iGotOffer on ResellerRatings.

We always do our best to ensure the sellers will get the best price for any item we buy from them. When we receive a device, we thoroughly remove all data from it and then reset it to factory settings. Besides, we try to provide helpful articles about device and data protection on our blog and on our support page.

If we receive a stolen device, we cooperate with Law Enforcement authorities and with Apple Inc. to help them find the culprit and the right owner.

Even when our company is safe and secure for the customer, we are constantly searching for ways to better protect them.

Are we infallible? No, of course not. Never trust a company which claims that it has never committed the slightest mistake. A good and honest company can sometimes be wrong, but a good and honest company admits its errors and solves the problems in a fast and efficient way to satisfy the customer.

Happily, our mistakes are very, very rare, because we always learn from them and use this experience to optimize our service and make our customers happier.

To conclude and to answer your question in one line: Yes, it is safe to deal with iGotOffer. And it is profitable! Don't wait anymore! Earn money and save with us!

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